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that day record

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PostWysłany: Pon 11:16, 10 Sty 2011    Temat postu: that day record

Standing there, his body has not been a half minutes of.
    Left withstand attacks, Yin Zhaoyang's right hand is in the eye between the slowly lifted, he moves very slowly, raised his right hand in the pool a half hours and no magic, just as simple as lift, right arm straight ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], raised to the top of the head. Right fist, forefinger extended, pointing to the sky.
    See here, suddenly, do not know why,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Ji moving heart beat a bit dramatic, vaguely, he seemed to sense what eyes can not help but stare harder.
    Extreme strong this second of three encounters, and no further distortions caused by the air, completely clear in front of everyone present. Everyone's attention also focused on the Yin Zhaoyang's right hand above his two opponents are no exception.
    He do? This is Ninety-nine per cent for the opportunity hearts want to know. Is, in this case, he have the energy to attack it?
    Yin Zhaoyang indifferent eyes finally changed at this time, gentle eyes suddenly Jingmang great success,Under the current test results, even if he had suppressed the moon and cold water situation can not help narrowing his eyes, not with him in the eye.
    It was at that time, Yin Zhaoyang raised right hand that suddenly turned white, and double the water in front of the ultimate white magic different.
    It is impossible to describe a shiny color, seems to be a piece of action before the JI days have white jade, and even more pure,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], more crystal.
    In each of ten, people shrink holes in the buildings, the high white flame plume 寸许 quietly finger on his right index finger in the Yin Zhaoyang lit. Fluctuations without any magic, the white flame in the sunshine and even less obvious. However, when it appears the moment, Ji long letter, Shang Yin empty, Ji move, Winfrey,which users are naturally gathered spontaneously, cold situation, but at the same time the water moon stared.
    The next moment, Yin Zhaoyang made one of the most simple actions, that day record, the right index finger to take that small clusters of white flame floating in the air off the record, designated unto them in front of the white magic combination of yin and yang dual water.
    Time seems frozen in this moment, everything between heaven and earth seemed to draw as this refers to the emergence of a mutation, and constantly attack the yin and yang dual output combination of magic beam of water and the white flame in contact with the moment, seems to have become Cheng Ding an icicle, freezing in mid-air. The next moment, collapse.
    Yes, that is, the collapse of a real icicle as Secretary, when in the face of the collapse of the magma. That white light is broken down into a little touch of white to Yin Zhaoyang left palm to resist the attack as the source, toward the cold water situation and the collapse of the direction of the moon away. Almost time to breathe just a few times, it has been to the front of them.
    The Yin Zhaoyang fingertips beat that little cluster of white flame to it like a silk thread into a flash and not the general glow.
    H, it is not because Yin Zhaoyang roar of the emergence of the attack, but because of the cold and the water situation before the moon's yin and yang, opposites attract double that combination into the water repel the opposite sex. The magic of alignment between the two seems to have turned upside down, they are each other out, the magic together, suddenly turned into the other's attack. In that fierce roar, their bodies have their own rebound out of the ordinary as artillery shells, barely stable flying tens of meters to live their own stature.
    Yin Zhaoyang white flame fingertips, he still stood there, did not leave the place, his eyes from Jingmang radiance to restore calm.
    Silence of the scene once again in this piece of Azure prairie, look everyone is extremely exciting, but no one can issue the slightest sound.
    After the crown of God into the water to the moon, Dengming crown cold situation, two major river systems go all out together under the supreme crown of yin and yang dual water combo to be broken out so. Yin Zhaoyang not at all support that was broken by the circumstances.
    Wow is heard, the moon and the cold water almost the same time emitting a blood situation, and their momentum, as previously no longer do all right. Their injuries are caused each other. From beginning to end, in this Competition in the second, Yin Zhaoyang did not issue them with any attack.
    If we say that first battle, they collide with the next four Yin Zhaoyang's mind when there are unwilling to be defeated, and luck,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so ... at this moment, the two supreme crown under water adhere to the hearts of their combos along with the collapsed together. Standing in front of them not far from the victory of light crown Yin Zhaoyang, like an insurmountable mountain. Two to one, still completely not rivals. Not to mention them, even if everyone present can not be accepted. Even their mounts ten-order ice dragon ice dragon and have been stagnant standing there, not half

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