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but compared to my brother's life

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PostWysłany: Pon 11:19, 10 Sty 2011    Temat postu: but compared to my brother's life

Ji shake shaking his head, said: \promises. I still clearly remember, you helped me refining armor Jun magic scene when yin and yang. you will own lifetime, have contributed to the magic cast on the weapon. your talent, no worse than the teacher. If you are willing to will focus on practice, then,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it is likely you will become a supreme strong. But you have to then give up. Every time you focus on the casting, we need to consume large amounts of energy. your older than the teacher, wife,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Shizu to be small. but your physical condition is the least optimistic. has some sick old man, the oil of the feeling of burnout. go on like this, not two decades, I am afraid you will leave this world . Although this bottle of precious source of life, but compared to my brother's life, but also what of it? I have never mentioned to give you the sun and moon cast armor rewards double glow gloves,and jumped to a big sale this be considered, right? because that is the big brother to send Give me a gift, when my brother deserved. Again, this is my gift to you, brother, big brother gave something, you should also accept it. rest assured that I have here. I hope that this bottles of the source of life to help Big Brother is not only live longer, more re-energize the potential of an early breakthrough in nine crown will increase from more than a century of life. \I wish her second child has always been a crazy, the game looks like dust, this time, he took the hands of a small gourd, but never a cent of crazy look. How he did not expect this bottle of JI could not move even measurable in dollars and so gave the treasure to himself. And not a cent of hesitation, but would not let him refuse.
    Oh Ji fixed smile, said: \Yin Yang magic armor here. \rings being.
    \He did not know, not just in the ring in the Yin and Yang Jun magic armor. Dozens more have a precious crown Jing River and the crystal. This is the gift of Hilo to the JI move, then move gave Ji Zhu Yan, thought he knew, I wish Yan cast armor, most in need of this thing.
    Ji action turned to Fred before, \next. After all, I have been in Heavenly Academy. This bottle is not just the source of life to you, but also to the partners. With it,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], evil in the holy battlefield, can make yin and yang of each school more than a life partner . \With these words,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Ji move will take the second green out of a small gourd, stuffed Winfrey hands.
    \There, enough to make disciples of yin and yang of a school more than their previous life. This is the Battle of San evil is too important.
    \At this point, even the weather was dark, darkness came on in Central City. Ji move took a deep breath. I just felt comfortable physically and mentally while. Finished side of the problem is finally resolved, he can finally drink the flames traveled together. Shizu, wife did not ask about the flames of things, this is the happiest Ji action. Sent two bottles of the millennium the source of life, can be considered but the side of being a wish. Zhu Yan is a fraction can return.
    Walk the street in a dark corner in the call for flames, so he again left the Central Plains city.
    Ten days later, Turkey empire.
    Sunny, the air in a little more active. At this point has entered the early autumn, but the temperature of the Empire or Turkey are slightly higher.
    Is indeed the dominant power in the mainland, in this broad enough to ten parallel Official Road on both sides of the carriage, every ten meters or so, there is a towering tree. Dense canopy has been extended to the distance, most of the dense foliage blocking the sun, so it became a genuine Guan Dao Boulevard.
    Ji moving the hand holding the flames,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with the two men behind Akin, his party's that three of the boulevard in this relaxed

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