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look down at him

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PostWysłany: Pią 3:57, 07 Sty 2011    Temat postu: look down at him

Or something happened, this show method is the control of their lives feeling that anyone not want to face the second syncline above the cave seems to be straight away, and along with the deepening of the body around is darkness, moving Ji Song clinging to the trees opened, and blow their shock opening, body curled into a ball as far as possible work magic on the skin surface in order to avoid bodily harm and mountain collision. However, his concern seems to be redundant, being a strong suction that pulled the process of absorption,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it seems to have eyes in the suction-like, with his body, and without any collision. Ji action only vaguely felt, the more to the inside, the space will be.
    Suddenly,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in front of the room getting lit up, not to export, the light from the surrounding rock walls, rock walls exudes a dark red glow, the more inward, more intense light.
Magician seventy-fourth episode of yin and yang fire totem Chapter C, Suzaku
    To the back, surrounded by stone walls like a ruby. And Ji was felt around the fire dynamic properties of elements become extremely rich together, geocentric and faint signs of comparable lakes. Is the ambient temperature is not high. Thermal properties of these elements seems to come from the stone walls.
    Just then,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a strong suction that suddenly stopped pulling force, plop about, Kyi, one seven dirty move fell eight elements. Then, he saw a pair of red crystal eyes, not great, but it exudes more than the lava lake deep red crystals.
    This is the second of today's more.
    Blossoming lotus geocentric world one by one around the big fire dragon egg spinning around, and gradually integrated into one. At this point, slightly beating the flames a bit light eyes, suddenly stopped his own actions. She looks a bit weird, \A stand, Ji action has stood up from the ground, but also in his stand up at the same time, the body has lost its ability to act, even the two kings of his own ultimate yin and yang swirl flame stopped at this moment operation, Ji tempted, he also a strange feeling, it seems that he has become like the rock walls and caves of the spar, and is no longer a life.
    At this time, he also clearly see the face of all that place is the deepest cave, from ground to roof, enough to have thirty meters away, the cave is very wide. The most strange is that the cave inside the stone walls are very bright red,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it seems there was originally a huge ruby, ruby in the cave is hollowed out from the general.
    In the middle of the cave,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then days, with direct access to a roof of trees accounted for almost half of the area inside the cave, tree whole body is dark red, from the morphological point of view, much like the Indus,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the move has never seen such Ji huge plane trees, but trees are still such a strange color. That dark red color of the tree with a slow transformation, flickering, like that ape in the tree itself is breathing.
    Standing here, Ji soaked action feel like a general in the magma, the only difference is that the lake and the center of the earth, geocentric lake, is the coexistence of probucol dual element of fire, but there was only pure C fire.
    From the red crystal lattice Mouguang is cast on a tree, standing on the crown, look it is a big bird, red bird quintana. Beheaded, Yan neck collar snake, Turtle, fish, whole body is gleaming like gold in fire red, long tail spread out on the tree three times the length of the body, so although her body looks small, but in fact, from start to finish is also long enough to have two-meter pair of red crystal, it is her eyes, looked at Ji move, eyes full of dignity and anger.
    This is, suddenly thought of the sea Ji brain word Suzaku. In his memory, past lives recorded in mythology, the Phoenix bird is auspicious, as the five-color. The whole body in charge of the pure red of the Phoenix flame world, is Phoenix, which is guarding the South Bird in Suzaku, she is the sub-Phoenix 丨 body. Feng Xiwu Paulownia, eyes everything seems to indicate only the identity of the red bird.
    , Man, Look at the mess. \, Huh? \said: \Phoenix on a branch, look down at him, \

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