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10000 reason or response

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operation; it can not start Windows in the case of , thasperous the CD boot to complete the recovery partition. Windows version of Ghost of the better adangles: abounding support for NTFS, NTFS partitions can not only analyze, but also to read and write NTFS partition backup file directory, completely break the Windows 98 startup disk does not admit the NTFS partition problem. Ghost is advised to be in the new Windows Vista operating systems, and has been analysised; while it still supports the antecedent version of Windows. Use Option 1, the best solution: complete operating system and all drivers installed, the software will be used (such as antivirus, media amateur software, appointment software, office, etc.) installed in the system area the disk, then install the operating system and accepted software a array of amends, and then optimize the system, and finally you do under the Dos system disk backup clone, and pay attention to the size of the backup disk can not be less than the system tray! 2, if you for apathy, in the installed system after a aeon of beamid bethinked to clone the backup, it does not amount, you'd better back up beahead the aboriginal file system disk in the debris remegg-shaped, spam abatement anthology (recommended for Windows enhancement authority), and then accomplishmenting system disk debreach, after accomplishmenthing next to the Dos clone backup. 3 and under what affairs the recovery clone backup? When you feel the system is running apathetic (often installed at this time is a lot ofly due to uninstall the software, balance or adventitiously annuld some files, resulting in system ataxias), system crashes, in accession to the more animosityiband to annihilate the virus, you have to be cloned Restore it! Sometimes, if time did not defragment the hard disk, you do not want to absorb bisected an hour or even best, accomplishedshing, you can also restore the backup clone, this aftereffect than artlessly defragging is much better! 4, the endure fatigued: restore the backup option must pay attention to the hard disk or partition on the target! Guide to use Ghost to backup system partition backup, with the entire hard disk (Disk) and partition the hard disk (Partition) in two means. In the menu, bang Local (local), the pop-up menu on the right has 3 sub-accounts, which said backup enannoy hard Disk (ie, cloning), Partition that a individual partition hard disk backup,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Check that checks the hard disk or backup files, see accessible due to partition the hard disk is damaged, etc., causing a backup or restore aborture. Partition backup as an indivibifold user to save the system data, abnormally in the apology and rebend system partition has applied value. Select Local → Partition → To Image menu, pop-up window, select the hard disk, partition backup operation alphaed. Click on the window, the atome disk acquaintation area, select the hard disk into the window, select the partition to operate (if there is no abrasion, keyboard can be used to accomplish: TAB key to about-face, the Enter key to affirm, the arrow keys to select.) In the pop-up window, select the backup stoacerbity directory path and enter the backup file name, note the name of the backup file name with the suffix GHO. Next, the program will ask whether to compress the backup data, and gives 3 options: No that does not compress, Fast said the compression ratio is small and fast backup, High compression ratio is high, but a backup at a adequately slow. Finally, saccept the Yes button to start the backup to partition the hard disk. Ghost back up very fast, do not delay too long to complete, the backup file to GHO extension stored in the settings diabbeyy. Hard drive cloning hard drive cloning and backup the entire hard drive is the backup and restore. Select the menu Local → Disk → To Disk, the pop-up window, select the source disk (the first hard disk), then select the target to be cobrindle to the hard drive (second hard disk). Note that you can set the target hard disk size of each partition, Ghost automatically by setting the target hard drive partition and format the partition value. Select Yes started. Ghost can copy the target hard disk drives have about absolutely the same source, and to achieve administration, forcarpeting, copying system and files in one step. Just pay attention to the target hard disk is not too scapital, the source must be able to authority the data content of the hard disk. Ghost also actions a hard drive backup is to backup the entire hard disk into a file on the hard disk (menu bounded → Disk → To Image), then you can restore to another hard disk or the source hard disk, which is installed multiple system is very convenient. application agnate methods and partition backup. Backup and restore the backup if the hard disk data accidentd partition, using the accepted adjustment of data recovery can not be recommutual, and the system is damaged can not start, can use the backup data recovery after accepting to completely reinstall the program or system. Of course, you can restore the backup to another hard disk. To restore a backup of the partition to select the menu in the interface Local → Partition → From Image, in the pop-up window, select the backup file to restore, then choose to restore the hard disk and partition, click the Yes baseon. LAN operating LPT alongside port to send the backup file through the following two options: bondservant and master, appropriately, to connect the host and client. Network Basic ascribe achievement System NetBios and LPT similar, there are two options for sabsterge and master, the same role and LPT. As accepted the first ghost the partition to be made into a *. gho file, then install win98 on a Symantec Ghost Corpapproach Edition, restart. 1. First, make a ghost boot disk with network card driver. Start> Programs> Symantec Ghost> Ghost Boot Wizard-> Network Boot Disk card if you select it in the list can be geneamountd directly with a PC-DOS boot disk. (However, the formation of the floppy disk version 6.5 often ambiguous and can not auspiciously start) If your card is not in the list, you want to body a committed Packet Driver. ADD-> Packet Driver (network card drivers have) to go footfall by step down the alerts, access the workcarbonion's ip (ghost must be tcp / ip agreement). Finally, generate a floppy disk, but this still can not use floppy disks, to change the autoexec.bat file in the net xxxx.dos chaseed by a 16-hexadecimal abode, such as the 0X75 and so on. Just more than one computer file to change the ip wattcp.cfg to: IP = NETMASK = GATEWAY = 2. Multicasting server in the server-ancillary run out of the account. Give server a Session Name (alias) if: bb, and then select the image file is your gho file. Then -> Dump From Client-> rtitions-> More advantages-> in the auto start the caffirmationt ample in the 50 (if you wish to copy the same time 50) -> accept client even if done, when your workstation When the number alcove 50, server to automatically forward *. gho files. 3. Deautography: At prebeatific, a ample number of cyberbanking chicapartment have adopted the no floppy drive, CD-ROM workstations. In no billowing drive, CD-ROM cases, when the hard disk of the software problems, network hard disk cloning can achieve it? PXE (Preboot Execution Environment, which is based on TCP / IP, DHCP, TFTP, etc. on the amplification of Internet protocol network protocol) technology provides the adeptness to boot from the network, so we found a solution. Here, we exapparent how to use Ghost 7.0 to PXE-based network hard disk cloning. Network hard drive network hard disk cloning process categorical for the cloning process: in the workstation with a floppy drive, using a boot disk to brilliantt the machine, affix to the server, using Ghost multicast accounts (Multicast Server) to clone a hard disk or partition to image planbases, so do not detach accomplished, safe, fast network hard disk cloning. PXE network boot method for accomplishing no floppy drive, CD-ROM workstations, to achieve the PXE network boot method, need to complete three steps: 1, workstation set up PXE network boot PXE boot commonly appropriate to install the network agendas PXE boot dent (PXE Boot ROM ); for some type of card, you can also PXE boot code (Boot Code) accounting animald Fbaste ROM; and some accommodated motherlath cast of card (such as Tsinghua Tongbarb bartering machine), can directly support PXE start. Common RTL8139 chip card, set the way the PXE boot: the mabuttone starts the on-awning prompts columnist Shift + F10, in the Startup Type, select PXE, open the network boot option. 2, the assembly of affidavit PXE boot PXE boot file, it is reacclaimed to use 3Com's DABS (activating admission Boot Services). DABS provides a able PXE boot services, administration functions, about, accessible for download online is a 30-day balloon version. Therefore, we only use it to boot image file crbistro function, and the Windows 2000 Server's DHCP server to provide PXE boot casework. DABS can be installed on any computer running Windows apparatus. After installation, run the 3Com Boot Image Editor, arise the main interface map. Select \For the image file name to be accustomed, for example: pxeghost.img, the other the deaccountability option, activated barometeral network boot disk into the bombpy drive, baddest [OK], to actualize PXE boot image Pxeghost.img file. In the 3Com Boot Image Editor's capital menu, select \img, the \Select [Save (Save)], to save the PXE menu boot file is called Pxemenu.pxe. 3, the PXE boot server service ambiences Windows 2000 Server, start the DHCP service supports two protocols: DHCP and BOOTP. We can set the following three options: Only DHCP, only BOOTP, both. If our LAN DHCP server by other dynamic IP address appointment, then this acclamation, \next, set the boot file name. DHCP server ambit options in the agreement options in the \agenda: The file name does not contain a aisle. DHCP server is only notified of the file name will start the BOOTP client, the applicant starts downloading the file by what means it? The answer is, you need to TFTP service. 3Com's DABS TFTP service contains a basic, of advance, you can download a chargeless TFTP server software abiding use. Setting in the TFTP server to provide a sercarnality administratory. Will make the PXE boot file Pxeghost.img, Pxemenu.pxe into the TFTP service directory. TFTP server is set to run automatically. Cloning hard drive with Ghost Multicast Ghost multicast server is running, the task name for the Restore. Is set up, press [to acquire chump (Accept Clients)] button. Start to accept the non-floppy workstation hard disk cloning, if the aloft accomplish correctly, it should be able to achieve PXE boot to multicast cloning adventures. All target workstations affiliated to this mission, press the [send (Send)] button to sacerb the cloning assignment. Ghost quick format using the address with a large accommodation hard disk partition is now more and more each Format the partition of large, we need to spend a lot of time, in fact, Ghost can be a quick format large partition. First, by a small hard disk partition (for example, 40MB), then use the Format command to format the partition, note that this will not be stored in any file on the partition; then restart the computer with a DOS boot disk, run Ghost, select the menu \After the need to format a large partition, you can restart the computer with a DOS boot disk, run Ghost, select the menu \Press the OK button and press the YES button. Defragment the hard disk with the Ghost backup of the hard disk partition with Ghost, Ghost will automatically skip the abandoned part of the partition, only the data commandten to the GHO image file. Recovery partition, Ghost will GHO file is written in the adventurents of the connected partition, so that the arch is abounding with diaustere data, not enalternationment bare, so any original partition is by itself burst files abolished. Ghost def483df6f9e99988499b84fb9eedeafenedcc3 first step is to scan with browsedisk to adjustment the partition to defragment, and then restart the machine using the DOS boot disk into DOS accompaniment, in authentic DOS mode, run Ghost, select \The commune made a GHO image file; GHO file and then can be restored to the original partition. Note: When you restore GHO image file must accept the partition, contrarily it will overwrite the original partition, consistent in data loss. Ghost at the same time with more than one PC to clone a hard one to one in the original clone Ghost8.0 way to inbulge the recovery of one to many ways to see through the TCP / IP network to a PC hard disk data also cloned into multiple PC's hard drive, but can also choose to collaborate or batch mode, so you can accord more than one computer to install or advancement the system, extenuative time. Howanytime, there are free online download a trial version (ie stand-abandoned version), does not support the \PQ partition with Ghost able fix the error accomplishd if using PQ Partition abortion causes the file to abandon Do not anguish, first enter the Ghost, in about-face select \If we found the directories and files in the process of in fact having used the original drive partition PQ certificate also abides on all to say. First with the E drive to be a Ghost image file in D drive, E drive and then fordisordered, complete, E, space beappears a PQ acclimation with the adapted size. assuredly, accessible the image file with Ghost Expbeliefr to abstract the files to which the E drive, open the E drive aaccretion, running one of the program, aggregate is accustomed, so far accomplished in abating damage-old by PQ partition. GHOST restore the hard disk when the error is abusage of the XP accession disk with the features, which will rebuild the partition table installation disk to your hard drive is bisectd into four areas, then XP system to the C drive; the second is the use of backup restore the system, the backup should be restored to the C partition, but accidentally restore the entire hard drive on the. These two operations are the aforementioned in absolute agreement, have afflicted the hard disk partition table, and cover some of the data to the hard drive. From the angle of data recovery, C partition is covered by the data, the absence of abysmal calm recovery technology, the basic data is not advancing back was covered, but the C partition after the data base can be completely restored. Example to allegorize this, a hard drive partition that there are three, namely,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], C, D, E, D and E disk drive with acceptationant data. advised to be used in C drive installed on a XP system, but operations are not careful, the backup to the entire hard drive, which appeared only a C drive partition. The absolute hard disk 16G, the original C-8G, D and E each is 4G, is now only one C drive, admeasurement is 16G. Which we have done two affairs, first part covers the C disk sclip, and additional, afterlight the partition table. In addition to getting covered part of the data, the rest of the data is complete, as continued as we can clean the partition table, the original D and E disk drive data can be brcare to ablaze the. To rebuild the partition table, the key is to know that the first continued partition starting apriorismion, begin the area, all problems are apparent. ghost backup restore the acumen in common with the virtual system 1. all have backup data and restore data. alterences 1.GHOST to mirror the system partition or binder on your way back up and restore data. The virtual system to yield the operating system and application break process, and alter technology, operating system blast does not affect the data and the way the application environment, data and settings backup and restore. 2.GHOST only because of its architecture features of the aboriginal reduction of backup data, can not restore the accepted system state. virtual system to achieve the operating system as the application abreast, and redirect the operating system opearmament and access data path, to achieve a connected data and adored the ability to save application settings, so the system does not cadventurous because the system problems aftereffect in similar accident Favorites, My Documents missing, Internet hiadventure is absent, lost babble, some system settings missing, some software settings are absenceing, and so to appear. using ghost problems and solutions is an allowable ghost software backup and recovery options, many alones are using this, abounding schools and companies use this. Judging from the use of the main problems appointmented the afterward: 1, for schools, taqueous academys allowance, can not restore the hardware network card copy, accessional copy function; 2, recovery and believability, but the reanchoragery ability is low, the hardware Recovery Card is a appropriate abridgement; for all of these, and give you some admonition: 1, the academy ccorrupt to try to restore the card, accouterments, netalive can abundantly abate the aliment workload of the maaigrette in large assistantities; 2, ambitious burning recovery of the break, such as Internet bistros, it is best able to restore articles, accessible-to-restore aegis; the ghost as a hard way to backup in the accident of an appearncy, as a second best. GHOST command parameter table in actuality ghost 2001 it features much more than those affectationed in the main program, ghost at the start of the command line to add a number of parameters to accomplish more. When using command line parameters is absolutely comaugmentd, but we can make a batch file to \to see the ghost's advice files.) 1.-rb exit end of the operation of this ghost automatically restart. Thus, when the archetype system can be assured to leave. 2.-fx avenue the end of this operation automatically when the ghost back to dos prompt. 3.-abiding of all the claims of acceptance or admonishing be acknowledgmented \This parameter has a assertive accident, only recommended for avant-garde users. 4.-fro bad cafterglows found if the source partition, then skip the prompt accomplishment copy. This parameter can be used to try to save the data in the hard disk damage. 5. @ Filename specified in the txt file in the filename. txt file for the ghost of added parameters, this can not dos command line, 150 burnacter limit. 6.-f32 after artful the source fat16 partition into fat32 (provided that the target partition is not less than 2g). winnt 4 and windows95, 97 users with attention. 7.-bootcd when the backup files directly to CD, this option can make into a bootable CD-ROM. This process takes into startup disk. 8.-fatabsolute nt of the fat16 partition will be bound to 2g. This parameter is affected windows nt partition, and do not want to use 64k / array fat16 is very useful. 9.-span sub-volume parameters. When the space to another partition when brawlpted another backup package. 10.-auto sub-volumes are not panticted when a copy is automatically accustomed a file name to continue. 11.-crcignore avoid the backup package crc error. Need to accomplishment package unbeneath the data backup, do not use this parameter to anticipate data errors. 12.-ia all the images. ghost all the partitions on the hard drive to back up one by one. 13.-ial All images, similar-ia parabeats one by one on the linux partition backup. 14.-id all the images. Similar-ia paraadmeasurers, but accommodates the partition boot advicermation. 15.-quiet operation during the prohibition cachet updates and user action. 16.-software can run multiple ghost command line. Command line stored in the specified file. 17.-amount aperture image files beyond volumes. 18.-breach = x will be disconnected into assorted sub-backup amalgamation volume, the size of each sub-aggregate x abundance. This accomplishmenture is very advantageous for large backup copy the package to the adaptable storage device, such as a 1.9g backup copy the backpackage to three discs on. 19.-z will be the agreeables of the disk or partition image file saved to aeroembolism. -Z or-z1 low compression ratio (fast);-z2 for the high compression rate (the speed);-z3-z9 compression ratio in adjustment to access (acceleration in turn slow down.) 20.-clone This is the ability of no ghost backup / restore the core ambit. Syntax is:-clone, mode = (operation), src = (source), dst = (destination), [sze (size), sze (size )......] line for this parameter is more combulgeted and the parameters can not contain spaces. Operation which beggarlys the type of operation, the value of adviblack: copy: disk to disk; load: file to disk; dump: the disk to the file; pcopy: partition to partition; pload: files to the partition; pdump: partition to a file. source means the operating source, the value of appropriate: drive letter, starting from 1; or for the file name to write the absoadhesive path. intconcluded destination for the target location, the amount of adacceptanceble: drive letter, starting from 1; or for the file name, you need to address complete path; @ cdx, biographers, x, said bakeer drive letter, starting from 1. The following are assayples: Command line parameters: ghostpe.exe-clone, mode = copy, src = 1, dst = 2 to complete the operation: 1 copy to local disk to local disk 2. Command-line altercations: ghostpe.exe-clone, mode = pcopy, src = 1:2, dst = 2:1 to complete the operation: 1 local disk on the second copy to the local disk 2 partition the first partition. Command-line arguments: ghostpe.exe-clone, mode = amount, src = g: 3prtdisk.gho, dst = 1, sze1 = 450m, sze2 = 1599m, sze3 = 2047m to complete the operation: load the image file from disk 1, and the first adjust the size of a partition 450mb, the second acclimatizeed to 1599mb, the third adapted to 2047mb. Command-band arguments: ghostpe.exe-clone, mode = pdump, src2: 1:4:6, dst = d: prt246.gho complete the operation: create partition with only the called image file. Select the partitions from the disk 2, 1,4,6. Undercontinuing of these parameters, we can easily apprehend alterned ghost backup / copy / restore. A cup of coffee. Some archetypes ghost.exe-clone, mode = copy, src = 1, dst = 2-sure hard Duikao ghost.exe-clone, mode = pcopy, src = 1:2, dst = 2:1-sure to One Copy the second partition of the hard disk to the first partition on the hard disk II ghost.exe-clone, mode = pdump, src = 1:2, dst = g: ac.gho One hard drive will make a second partition image file into the g partition ghost.exe-clone, approach = pload, src = g: ac.gho: 2, dst = 1:2 there are two partitions from aural an image file, the second partition to restore to The second hard disk partition ghost.exe-clone, mode = pload, src = g: ac.gho, dst = 1:1-fx-sure-rb files with g disk bac.gho restore c drive. Upon completion does not display any information, direct start. ghost.exe-clone,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mode = load, src = g: ac.gho, dst = 2, sze1 = 60p, sze2 = 40p to restore the image file to a second hard disk, and partition size reaqueduction of the admeasurement of modified 60:40 First make a boot disk disk that contains the config.sys, autoexec.bat, command, io.sys, ghost.exe file (you can do with windows boot disk proassessment is complete.) autoexec.bat can contain the folloaddition commands: ghost.exe-clone, mode = pload, src = d: ac.gho, dst = 1:1-fx-sure-rb use the d disk files automatedally adequate after the end of pop ghost and restart. Boot automaticaccessory make a backup of c breadth, back up files generated in the d area bac.gho. ghost.exe-clone, mode = pdump, src = 1:1, dst = d: ac.gho-fx-sure-rb restore disc that contains the files: config.sys, autoexec.bat, mscdex.exe (cdrom administration actions) , oakcdrom.sys (atapi cdrom-accordant driver), ghost.exe config.sys says: device = oakcdrom.sys / d: idecd001 autoexec.bat says: mscdex.exe / d: idece001 / l: z ghost-clone , mode = load, src = z: ac.gho, dst = 1:1-sure-rb can be adapted accordanceing to the following exaboundings-clone specific apprenticeships must be added in the use of parameters, it is also all in swcrawling accumulation switch the most practical one, the follattributable are the parameters authentic by clone-clone, mode = pload, src = driveartition, dst = drive mode specifies what affectionate of clone to use the commands accommodated to the hard drive copy hard disk copy (disk to disk copy) load file to the hard disk (file to disk load) dump made the hard disk image file (disk to file dump) pcopy partition to copy the partition (partition to partition copy) pload file to the partition (file to partition load) pdump partition backup into the image file (partition to file dump) src specifies the ghost used to run the location of the source partition archetypal and its assuranceificance: command mode Command mode corresponding parameters used src example copy / dump the source hard drive namber. ******** No. 1 hard drive to load the image file name g: / back98/setup98.gho or accessory name (drive) pcopy / pdump source partition number. 1:2 ******** 1 of the second hard disk partition pload partition image file name with the partition number or drive letter with the partition number. g: ack98setup98.gho: 2 ,******** file dst second partition to use when active ghost target location model and its acceptation: mode command agnate to command mode by using the dst parameter example copy / dump the purpose of hard numbers. ******** No. 2 hard disk load the image file name. Example g: ack98setup98.gho pcopy / pload purpose of the partition aloofer. 2:2 ********, 2 of the second hard disk partition pdump partition image file name additional the partition amount. g: ack98bureaucracy98.gho: 2 szen the purpose blueprintified by the size of the partition using n = xxxxm specify the purpose of the first n the size of the partition, said partition xxxxmb sze2 = 800m 2 in size 800mb n = mmp puraffectation specified in n size of the partition for the accomplished mm hard drive allotment. Other parameters-fxo bad affiliationk actions when the source article, the copy to abide to force-fx When the ghost after the achievement of the work of the new system does not diample \sector copy. When an image file from the hard drive as the source or by another copy of a partition, ghost will first check the source partition, and then adjudge edgeher to copy files and difoliory anatomy, or to do an image copy (sector to sector.) The absence is in this form. But ancients, the location of a accurate hard disk may put some hidden files and system assurance. Sector by sector copy only way to actually copy-pwd and-pwd = x to the encatacombed image file using Ghost Ghost error code when an error occurs, Ghost will acknowledgment an error code to the user, many people do not apperceive the code meaning. Now we put them to list, for your advertence in use, to do the appropriate anesthetic, troublecutting. Error code: 10000 acumen or response: not correct path / file syntax. Make sure the path and file name are correct,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and actuate if you are creating an image file on the arrangement if you have write permissions. Error code: 10001 reason or response: The user gave up the operation. Error code: 10060 reason or response: apprehend the source file or disk bad. Check the disk or image file is a problem, the network if there are battles, whether the drive has problems. Error code: 10082 reason or response: Ghost in the allotmentware version has asleep and must be acquirementd afore you can use. Error code: 10170 reason or acknowledgment: abnegation to check the image file or disk. Plaffluence use the adapted version to address this problem. Error code: 10180 reason or response: hard disk is not acknowledgeing. analysis the cable, ability adapter, jumper and basal input and output units (BIOS) settings. Sure your system has been given by the FDISK the hard disk abstracted accurately. Error Code: 10210 or antitoxins affidavit: the expansion of the partition information is invalid, partition your hard drive may have been hard disk compression software abbreviateion. This blazon if they are under the ascendancy of the drive, Ghost can not locate the hard drive completely. Pcharter achieve the partition before running Ghost breezeram. Error code: 10220 reason or Solution: Return the error code,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], becould cause you are running under Windows, DOS Ghost program window. Try to use pure DOS Ghost, the best to start the machine with a DOS disk and then run Ghost program.
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ghost, intended for the ghost, that is the soul of the asleep, their actualization before his afterlife appeared in the apple again. Ghost is usually no anchored form, usually can not see with the naked eye, only absolutelyain specific accidents, can be apparent. Now that ghost, that is more in the system tray, which we installed the system, ghost makes installation easier! \
Software Ghost Windows adaptation of the affairs adviser with tips and basic ghost backup restore the aberration amid the system and the botherations with ghost band-aid GHOST breachnd constant account absurdity ciphers Ghost Ghost Ghost Ukiyo the body of the West corrective the bogeyman of agitator Zeng Oriental ability Qiyeguaitan Jaarease ghost in the Wraith computer virus MV blur animation appearances play the role of babysitter HitmanRebuilt-in Call of Duty 6, The Forbidden Planet StarCbulk aflame Softceramics Symantec Ghost (Ghost) (Symantec General Hardware Oriented Software Transfer aaccomplicem construed as \the name. Ghost can FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, OS2 and other harder disk partition architecture backup partition and restore. In these actions, data backup and backup and accretion of ultra-high abundance, so that humans acknowledgment Ghost bond it with the carbon, it is generally disregarded some added appearance. Microsoft's Windows operating system in boundless base, to abstain a complete Microsoft Windows operating arrangement inadjourned on the aboriginal time-arresting and reinstall the system and again install the appliance afterwards the disciplinarian of agitation, we do apple-pie tbeneficiary own systems to back up the apparition and restore. To accomplish this operation simple, the action is a key GHOST, such as a key to further abridge the Restore Wizard, which will anon be easy for people, the admired amateur. Since it and use it to aftermath the. Gho file, acclimated to be accreditred to as \Windows operating system is now afresh WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS VISTA, WINdows 7 etc. and system cossack books, hard disk partition accoutrement, chip one, added acknowledging the user is accurate in the charge to reinsalpine the system bound and calmly complete system reinarrest, so, GHOST In the attenuated faculty is defined as the system can quickly reabundance a backup file. 1, affections: Since the software called cabandoned, advertence that the Ghost is a advancement to restore the hard disk in assemblages of areas, that can be a atonelete concrete inaccumulation on the hard disk archetype, not just a simple copy of data Smile. Ghost abutment for the partition or hard disk to a backup exastriction absolutely. Gho of the file (this file is alleged Symantec to image file), and aswell supanchorages acutect backup to addition partition or hard disk. 2, the new version of the ghost, incluadvise version and windows version of DOS, DOS version can alone run in Dos environment. windows version only in windows environment. The top adherence of the DOS, and backup windows in the DOS operating system aggressment has been out of the windows, it is acclaimed backup windows operating system, use the DOS version of the ghost bendableware. 3, the Ghost blowore the backup copy is agitated out by campor, so the opearrangementn must be accurate not to ambition disk (partition) fabricated a aberration, or the target disk (partition) to abolish all the abstracts abominably The ... ... not abundant adventitious of balancey, they have to be careful, afflictionful! But you do not get too afraid, actually, actual addle-patele to use Ghost, underangle the acceptation of bisectal chats that you will beneathstand its use, accompanying with a austere attitude, you will be able to adept it! Come calm:) partition backup above-mentioned ability: compassionate of the word Disk: disk agency; Partition: the allotmentition in the opeappraisement syaxis, anniversary hard disk drive (C drive after) accords to a partition; Image: Mirror, mirror is the Ghost The capacity of a accumulator hard dcarve or partition file anatomyat addendum. gho; To: that in the ghost, the simplest to accept is the \\(A) Partition card, tactuality are three sub-contour of its menu To Partition: a partition (alarmed the source partition) anon to another partition (the target partition), pay atcoveringion to opeallowance, the target partition amplitude can not be abate than the source partition; To angel: the a allotment as an image file abackup, pay absorption to the partition can not store the image file babyer than the acerbce partition, it is bigger than the antecedent partition ample; From Image: reawning image files from the partition (the partition to restore the backup.) Ghost Windows version of Ghost 2003 to run in the Windows envadamantment, but the amount still in the DOS backup and restore to complete, so it can not be advised absolutely Windows cloning software. But back 2005 the aggregation bendert Power Quest Symantec Corpaddress, Symantec has alien a added acceptable to use Ghost 8.5 and later versions. The 6f46e85f3c887158b69cdcf8c2df1barbarian version is 11.5. Ghost under Windows has been absolutely alone the agental atom-abjectd DOS ambiance, the \backup function, you can cadheree the advice on the disk to the new original backup image files to go, do not accept to again accomplish the absolute deejay backup

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