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not drink

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PostWysłany: Pon 10:54, 28 Mar 2011    Temat postu: not drink

Placement of a comfortable position,Christian Louboutin sale, pull light nap.
Liang Yue feel the same do not absence naught. Especially while he found namely those messy table learn hinted the modified document is the bad location, he is extra satisfied.
He deemed namely at the peak of he anxiously queried Dad, the male now phoned in his side twenty years with the name of his small, child, Daddy.
But he do no want to confess it, so what,Christian Louboutin sale, he has been, has not left.
He never left.
- End
Son special incident
Happy New Year ashore
Liang Ping from slaughter behind the death of 3 years, this namely the 1st time Leung Yuet surgical dinner,Christian Louboutin sale, in the past he did not even been seen.
The hospital nine hundred employees, surgery accounted for more than three hundred, the daily New Year's Eve supper in the living room by the biggest monsters, practices six open seats, eight alternatively nine over, and then slay the lofty amuse apt persist apt enjoy Polygram fun.
The air this year is especially nice, because adult-headed president of the eclipse of before years, swept away, not merely to heed, making a New Year information, line is that ashore their success over the elapse year, the cause of the New Year approximating,Christian Louboutin sale, I wish in entire hard go colleagues post healthy New Year climate and the like and so ashore.
This is the first time the youth president's face emerged so happy in public, he has smiling, gestures between the faint trace of an steady mastery self-confidence, so that entire beams are not versed with Wyatt, merely is also glad to discern. Liang Ping's son killed, since when the bearing.
Sun announced the open Vice President,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a naughty hall immediately, Liang Yue Jiang the next chart turned to good whispered: Liang Jiang too secretly sideways replied: Liang Yue smiled squint his eyes, fraught up a glass of malt behind to the chart several Admin Office Dear Leader: All respectful chart stood up, the glass is a detached one, thank you Dean.
Liang Yue smile curved her eyes: eat nitroglycerin, hard go, and today some Chihaohehao ah! Sun Vice glass of brandy spilled some, the Vice firmly gripped his hand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], together with Liang Yue clink: Really advisable ah, Sun vice mixed feelings, drinking, looking at the other table sat Chiang Liang, suddenly some sorrowful, almost to the red eye socket,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but fortunately was accompanied Liangyue Jing Wang, agent pulled a brandy to go, it was not drooling .
Liang Yue tin be said that the elementary meal is not into the grain of rice, he have to not fall into the crowd of the King down the table, not drink,Christian Louboutin sale, but we have to esteem, for beam kill level is to do so, and each worker clink laugh Let them know thathe remembered.
The maximum hideous is the new director also brought wealthy folk had added in the fun, Liang Yue, for the youngest rich shareholders, entertainment is of not flee. Fortunately, ROCKETS side Bring the clever, the proportion of red wine and Coke mixed too thin,Christian Louboutin sale, Liang Yue achieved, return to their position, though a morsel tipsy but also tin clutch down the alive.
Liang Jiang sideways some care to watch him live, Liang Yue behind,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], eyes collided, and that the scalding of the eyes to two folk a little impact.
Liang Yue heart of the mighty, force the convey of the division adviser of idea to handle with King over the wine. Until the culprit Murray made with the West over the Tong,for it
Can be for me, and that she vigorously dig on the, Tong made as three years mentor of the West is still a thin-skinned son, sordid jokes, would not say a few words to suffocate redden, torture Murray said after his attention You almost got ah,Christian Louboutin sale, how much wine I drink for him.
Liang Yue holding cheek with a smile, yo, it's going be how Son.
Criminal Murray said, we are a people ah.
Liang Yue Tong asked him backward the West speech,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hey Tong, director, and I do not understand how you are a man ah, I tin not drink two of the marrying gathering, ah, is not is not.
Tong Sai King shy wine made over that, the President, amuse.
Liang Yue calculate he'll feel a glass of red,Christian Louboutin sale, then smiles are no longer entangled.
Close to half past eight, approximate the end of the feast, Jiang would have buried good to dine his edible, suddenly handed him a glass of wine ahead.
He looked up,Christian Louboutin sale, is a criminal Murray, ambition be looking at him, handed him a glass of his left hand, right hand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], took a glass of their own.
Criminal Murray smiled slightly: Chiang Liang took over, did not get up and gently touched the glass, said: Must've criminal Murray: Was about to mention someone,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], phone suddenly rang, elect up and hear, see slowly corner serious.
Chiang good look at him, eyes asked.
Criminal Murray put the wine, said: Jiang Liang said: Criminal Murray asked: Jiang Liang said: Criminal Murray said: Jiang Liang subconsciously looking around in a circle, Liang Yue is a table of the same old with little juniors presumptuous talk and smile, do not pay care here.
He took the jacket back on the Murray did not watch more of a discipline to work instantly to the front.
Two people from the stairs, take the motorcar directly to the parking lot to depart. To the hospital afterward the burner criminal Murray, Chiang good access into the medical garbage from the other side,Christian Louboutin sale, in the laminar stream compartment outdoor the re-convergence,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], disguises hats robes are wore.
Stage are two partitions of the responsibility Deputy Director, met with punishment Murray, quickly after the report, but all curious to see different versed human wearing barren dressing, but who is?
Jiang Liang Ce Toukan him, eyes a clue of a smile.
Jae smooth cardinal beam of Hepatobiliary Surgery, criminal Murray is the gastrointestinal tract surgery, plus a agent director of urology,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], seem to be the variety of the most powerful lineup.
To find a bleeding point from the stage to stop the bleeding altogether,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but between half an hour.
After slaughter slit beam of a probe will be the most critical devices put down the operating table, when the dress off the side of eyes to indicate criminal Murray.
Simple account of punishment behind Murray's treatment program, followed by below the stage, the two outdoor lanes or in the laminar flow re-converge in the parking lot,Christian Louboutin sale, go to PolyGram.
Liang Yue Liang Jiang received the phone halfway, and asked how people lacking,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], said Jiang Liang, director of the cars come with criminal, and equitable drank too many, can not find the toilet.
Hung up the phone, see at his criminal Murray, asked: Liang Chiang shook his body, more cozy ride, pick the eyes while wiping his mouth: Criminal laugh Murray hum: Jiang Liang deadpan: Criminal Murray once said: PolyGram most sumptuous box is a picture-suite, criminal Murray Shumenshulu, do not service a indeed find their location,Christian Louboutin sale, moving the gate into which a brisk earthshaking.
Chiang Liang Fu a little glasses, and almost did not challenge enter. Flashing lights music approximately,Christian Louboutin sale, and all of a jump was Yaotouhuangnao it.
Someone in the crowd pulled him a hand, Liang Yue smile into his face blurred in the eyes, body joined to the temperature of peppery hands.
Nostrils of the down-to Chiang Liang frowned: Liang Yue's body was still shaking with the music, beauteous round eyes wide open: Simply do not want to talk.

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