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\into which no one listen up

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PostWysłany: Pią 3:55, 07 Sty 2011    Temat postu: \into which no one listen up

Over the years, I do not know what you think?
    Are you secretly want to unite against me. It just did not dare to act.
    Holy war to the evil thought of me when the benefits? You go back, do not let me see after you. Can out of the holy evil war, is your own. \Night Heart angrily: \into which no one listen up,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], could not gather strength in a short time. Do not say you can not live out of the evil days impeach Santa will also tilt toward the dark side the mainland five elements, this is what you would like to see? in my heart,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Terrible Fred is a man of indomitable spirit, yes, you're right, we are going to have to deal with you, but you know that is why? is because you are too strong, strong enough to get everyone out of breath . your strength despite strong, but too opinionated. Did you ever think, even when I was told by the teacher to approach you to my character and position in the school of yin and yang, if not really like you, I will give you everything? You do not even have a chance to explain to me refused to abandon it like a open shoe. I just have to deal with you, that is, with a yin and yang Schools Shixiongdimen to beat you, One day you look at defeat in front of me the way. Ji Yi Feng, who is a coward and you did not dare to face, he also a tap me? dreaming. dead good, dead clean.
    Fred, I can put aside my shame and you give everything and come here asking you to regain control of yin and yang school, for what? As the chief of you who do not understand it? St. evil war, this is not you, not my thing. But rather to a matter of safety throughout the continent. Regardless of what hatred, we must put aside. Even after the Battle of San evil revenge you again, and I all took over, no matter how you dispose of it wants to. \Fred night listening to the heart, then look no change between the never reveal, is chilled by day, tough, until the night of the heart to say no matter how you dispose of the last four words, his eyebrows only slightly stir a bit \Night heart straighten tall chest, without hesitation said: \Fred nodded \Face showing a trace look relieved, apparently relaxed a lot.
    \In out moment of the night showing a trace of heart Qiaolian sly look on the heart, illegal channels: Winfrey Winfrey ah, I do not any of your disposal, how could you know that I really mind it? You know, the last at the ball, your eyes have betrayed you.
    Night heart away, Fred was standing still is not fixed, it seems that thinking about something in the quiet, long while before slowly turned and sat back down beds on top of a sigh, \\Fred said: \to, in fact,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], whenever the evil holy war opened when the continent will have a lot of strong gathered here. Even our Shizu wife also concerned about the strong side of Extreme movement. Once the impact of the other our channel, all the strong against the enemy will be combined, using proximity to to crack down on opponents. This is why even now two sides of the battle in the holy evil get the upper hand and rarely attack the causes. must be that Directors instructed the night to come to convince my heart. to participate in holy war, a total of three hundred evil person, each time from the College to attend the St. Heavenly evil war,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], up to no more than one hundred and fifty people, the rest were all heavenly stems from the Army stationed here in the strong selection of the following five years old. The real is our main disciples of yin and yang, and the Heavenly Army school students here. there is one point that night the heart is right, if you enter the sanctuary of her as the chief evil battlefield, Heavenly Army side of the people will not listen to her assignment, she had not strength enough to deter the group of London. \Ji moving smiled, \Fred looked at Ji move,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], suddenly laughed and said: \

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