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long days

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PostWysłany: Pią 3:58, 07 Sty 2011    Temat postu: long days

Put the palm of your hand. Excellent glove flexible,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], light without creature, that two crystal crown does not affect the dynamic grip palm into a fist Ji, does not affect the flexibility of the fingers. Gloves have been spread to the contraction of the wrist, because the crystal in the palm crown position, so long as the JI is not dug out the palm of your hand moving, looking not at all humble. Bring them obviously feel Ji moving heat from the palm of two shares of the two kings at the brand into the body, and the origin of yin and yang blend crown, even if he did not deliberately pushed the magic, outside Fire Elemental will be down double-probucol two crystal crown slowly into his body, and promote the origin of yin and yang crown their own rotation. There is no doubt, bring them for the future has much good practice. This magic weapon, absolutely when the word was on the Acura.
    Vulcan move to the JI said: \weapon is tailor-made for you,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and you accept it. \I wish her second child chuckled and said: \------------------------------
    The third came a little late also,which was the upgrading of six full ah, sorry. This two-day cold, the time to write something head reeling and fell, in order not wrong,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], again, to modify only finished two variables. Slow points please forgive me. Recommended vote seeking, seeking collection.
Episode fifty-seventh chapter of yin and yang magician magic weapons, dual-Hui Sun and Moon (below)
    Ji Activity remembered his palm on the sun and the dark mark, without hesitation: \\. I believe they are worn on your hand, will be bursting out not less than the glorious sun and the moon. \Vulcan said: \Fred said: \Ji move: \Fred laughed and said: \. Come on, I'll take you to the city to walk around. familiar environment. \Vulcan and wishes farewell to her second child, Ji move out of the room with Fred, for the senior, JI is still very interested in moving. They want to explore each other's experience bartending. As for the practice, the JI but nothing too dynamic ideas. Problems, he could have ask Vulcan, not to mention in his back, as well as the underground world of the generation of flames Queen.
    Yin and yang, three schools, at least two dozen people gathered here, headed by the formal water if the cold and long days, the dragon Heaven: \With his position in college, even how to really move the JI, I'm afraid not too much punishment the board. \If the cold water, said: \Ye Hao went to ask him to help the elderly. Hey, long days, how do you? \If cold water is said, suddenly found the eyes of some fat Long days straight, seem to see the most incredible things like, affects some twitching lips, \If the cold water along the direction of the fingers looked long day, suddenly, his eyes are also straight. Not just them, such as yin and yang in the school here to see the results of his disciples, and all of a sluggish looking at the ladder at his eyes, full of intense horror.
    The ladder from the third to the fourth floor office, one high and one low two people slowly came up, high, is the Terrible Winfrey, is Kyi low natural move. Yin and yang of a public school is so shocked his disciples, because mine is round the right hand of God Winfrey Ji move the shoulder, smiling, and he said nothing.
    Not to mention some of the yin and yang, the young disciple school, even if the cold water and the dragon days of yin and yang of these old school master, and has never seen so many Terrible smile appear on the face. Staunch mighty, ruthless generation Terrible has such a moderate side? How can we not eye-popping.
    Ji took action with Fred and three, feel

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