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Yu Ran
Evening News reported drawing any money Chu Chien-Lu Hui Ping
■ scene playback
gang of pickpockets who missed the site after the scuffle with the stolen
1 2 March, Mr. Wang, a total of 8 people with friends and his party arrived at Shanghai from Anhui to attend her brother's wedding.
memories, according to their clients,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], January 3, they line 8, take the 729 bus. Zhu bus lines stop at the station, Mr. Wang ready to get off, I saw two of his wife was
This is a tall man, not a flat head high, he withdrew his hand immediately after the back door from the car flashed the crowd. Wang thought that the thief will be deterred, I did not expect what happened next,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], far beyond his expectation.
feeling was pushed back a handful, holding his nephew was pushed out of the car. Then, there is more than pickpockets associates came up to him punched and kicked. First off the Yu Mou,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Zhang and his brother, who seeing this, immediately stepped forward to help. Unexpectedly, the platform there are pickpockets and other associates.
I do not know the platform inside the spectator what happened, only to see the platform more than a dozen individuals in the fight,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], wrestle with each other, the whole process is only a minute, where seven or eight people quickly dispersed.
police arrived on the scene, fighting people who have been dispersed. Police were seen on surveillance video, the whole process is very short, the two sides on the platform of the scuffle, which lasted only a minute or so, suddenly one of a group of people Zuoniaoshousan.
present,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Minhang District police has set up a task force, the case for further investigation. Initial investigations revealed that the bus station staged It originated in the scuffle from pickpockets missed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because the families speak out to stop stolen beaten.
■ injured passengers
sent flowers and condolences to the face of hospital payments to visit face unknown to the public
Anhui wounded:
reporter Yu Ran
Evening News 729 Road at the bus station been stabbed three gangsters Anhui tourists, and now the situation how? This morning, the reporters came to their big Wah Hospital for treatment, Mr. Wang learned that the small intestine was punctured,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], was stabbed Yu thoracodorsal currently in stable condition, was stabbed in the leg, Mr. Zhang has been able to move around.
Dahua Hospital, the hospital leadership to the ward this morning, visited Mr. Wang and Yu, and sending flowers and condolence payments, which makes the two brave and fought against the very people moved to Shanghai. Mr Yu said excitedly:
in the ward, Mr. Wang finished intestinal repair surgery is still relatively weak, his wife has been by his side.
, are with a cutting tool, which hit the man several of Anhui. Fight, Mr. Wang was stabbed abdomen, Zhang calf injury.
to the reaction of people around at that time, Mr. Wang's wife feel very chilling. Finally, some people called the police, the gangsters This multiplied by van to escape. See criminals escape, Mr Wong's lover and companion bar began to taxi,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], take the wounded to the hospital. But the first car was stopped a taxi driver saw the wounded to rejection of the.
Yan Ming Tai Wah hospital doctors told reporters that the injured were taken to the hospital the night before, Mr Wong and Mr Yu's case is very critical. Mr. Wang's small bowel perforation, bowel mesentery through injury, blood flow of 1000 ml. Yu is the chest and back hurt, leading to blood pneumothorax, pulmonary compression 70%. After emergency surgery, two injured at last out of danger. Today, they stable condition,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], need to convalesce.
The two injured
about treatment costs, Dahua Hospital Yan Jian said that in this life and death to save face, the hospital will not consider the issue of money.
interview with reporters learned that the hospital to rescue the wounded and their families,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], these Anhui very moved. They also moved was 729 yesterday, when the media reported the bus incident, there are unknown to us last night to the hospital to visit them. , let me recuperate ... ...
■ parties to respond
729 Way passengers: not the first time encountered the thief
8:30 today, reporters once again arrived at the Xin Zhu Road, Hongmei Road 729 near the line of Station Road, Zhu.
incident along the thief more
729 Road
reporter from the steam-owned bus companies have found that no one 729 bus ticketing cars, driver's main energy used to drive, it is difficult to grasp what happened behind the car. According to the company's Operations Services Supervisor Zhang, at present time when the year, it is high time the thief committed the crime. According to team feedback, careless young and the elderly are often slow to commit crimes of the main objectives of the thief.
at the district, usually travel by bus almost to be here, meet the thief is not one twice. Lu said that he usually more alert to the package on the car as much as possible across their chests, but also very cunning thief, usually a few dozen people in a collective crime even clear division of labor. Some people blocked the door, deliberately blocking the passengers up and down off the normal channels, increase congestion man-made chaos. Others took the opportunity to fish in troubled waters, and quickly transfer the property to be stolen.
very difficult for the driver is stolen
This morning, a reporter from the steam 729 Road owned bus companies have found that the vehicle is equipped with monitoring the incident probe,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the team will cooperate with the police investigation and evidence collection. behind what happened. Zhang said, according to the current information collected, if the conductor on board, theft is significantly lower than the unmanned vehicle.
However, in practice, the driver often encounter problems: delays in a long time, there will be passenger complaints: but if the door is opened, so that passengers in a hurry out of the car, stolen, those who are not satisfied, let fear run the thief.
headphones on the train should be careful
Members can only take care of them on the car soon, once the vehicle starts it is difficult to have the energy to take into account the. And is this simply a few good reminders, but also to the driver's verbal threat often been the thief.
Zhang told reporters last year at 8:30 on December 29, the bus 180 under the steam train on the way, also happened with the theft of the car just took note of the details of the male conductor, in time to stop and drink like a fish to get off thieves, these thieves to abuse of the conductor pushed up to 5 minutes before leaving the vehicle.
Port Authority to pay
: rejection injured must not be allowed, must conduct a serious investigation in the end
this morning to the families of the issue reflects the rejection had a brother, a reporter working several times, contact the city traffic on the Port Authority.
It is reported that the Urban Transportation Port Authority yesterday ordered to begin to investigate traffic enforcement corps,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the relevant official told reporters that if the families reflected in the case, then the first one did not stop after a taxi can not be regarded as rejection, destination of the second vehicle stopped and asked the suspect refusing hire a taxi there.
person in charge of city transport Port Authority admitted that rejection is not permitted, not to mention the rejection injured, not only in violation of industry regulations, contrary to the humanitarian spirit. Related investigations have been launched, once verified will be severely punished.
under the relevant provisions of the occurrence of rejection for a taxi driver,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], negotiation or collection of fees, will be sentenced to 15 days of outages impose fines of 200 yuan, and then refusing hire two, quasi-business license will be revoked .
gang fights?
lawyers: to stop the stealing actions are consistent with courageous
Shanghai Alliance Industry
Ma Yongjian attorney law firm that the bus stop the thieves, theft, fully consistent with the behavioral characteristics of courageous and should be recognized as courageous law. Although the parties to stop the unlawful infringement point object is his wife, but the most critical is the stop is
Some people think that to help relatives of the object is not courageous, Ma Yongjian lawyers pointed out that this is a misinterpretation. individual conflict or gang fights is obviously something else. Several other relatives came forward to stop the thieves because of retaliatory attacks on the courageous officers, but also a courageous act.
courageous and legitimate rights and interests protected by law, the government implemented the spirit of courageous people and material incentives to encourage. Party may apply to the incident to Social Public Security Commission report confirmed that courageous act.
Ma Yongjian lawyers point out that from the foster healthy social trends inspire courageous acts that perspective, the Government should be implemented in public recognition of courageous acts vigorously, from the proud spirit so courageous and proud people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so courageous person in the material are Heroes courtesy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to let more people envy courageous act, so that more people join the list of courageous. If you were scared so courageous, it might make more people scared, and then in front of the courageous and discouraged, if we encounter a similar thing only crowd, then the future may be herself can help Baojing or live with a cell phone camera pictures or videos, can be considered fulfilled civic duty, but also can help police solve the case.
■ Police advise
5 strokes out anti-theft
According to the police,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], pickpocketing points The other is When close to the victims of crime, possession of money, part of the victim confirmed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], waiting for an opportunity to start close, and some pick-pocketing gangs often deliberately creating confusion, transfer the victim's attention, the opportunity to victims of property stolen.
experience under Fanba police, thieves prefer to target women and older persons as against the one hand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], limited their ability to resist the other hand, women like to buy cosmetics, clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc., are often concerned about the purchase while shopping items and ignore their own property.
Spring Festival approaching, the police warned the public:
1, when they go out try not to bring bags, if we must take, please do not use the leisure backpack or shoulder bag, Messenger bag is best to use, when the bag on the outside before the body.
2, change ready before traveling, never too busy to take the wallet on the car get money.
3, take the time to try to rely on the sidewalk in the side of the package is also fit close to your body,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a zipper or buckle on the side toward the bag, the bag hold valuables.
4,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is on sale, on sale and other promotional stalls, crowded buses, crowded train, to observe the collision or close to the side was frequent, but also change in time location.
5, when the discovery of pickpockets to steal, use language to remind or to cause others to vigilance. For example,

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