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\Children and moving the fire mind interlinked Ji

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PostWysłany: Pią 3:56, 07 Sty 2011    Temat postu: \Children and moving the fire mind interlinked Ji

Language exchange,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the two together this short has been completed. Teachers also have two dark magic because Ji move directly, or indirectly, to kill.
    The dark water so the saints saints Hanyu x dark mu scorpion, the two mentioned in the nirvana together again after the collision to the magic of chasing, but when they see the wonders of the previous occurrence of this scene, when all can not help but take heart a wave of breath.
    Hanyu full of remorse, he did now know why the scorpion, the man is so respected that he also had said that he is silver-like wax tip, impractical. But now it seems, this man is like a life or death of the king. The two saints in their besieged under the murder and she was calm. Sense of powerlessness, frustration that the two significant momentum.
    Ji move naturally not to guess that the idea of the two saints at this time, before he joined the battle, both sides of the accounting bureau, or balanced, dark magician party, the comprehensive strength are even slightly better than the light side of magic division, in particular, is the ultimate magic that the release of several saints, have brought no small Heavenly Army casualties. At least two of yin and yang need to be forced to block a school disciple saints. There is no doubt increase in the strength of Heavenly Saints, has a common magician do not have the advantage. Five years later, the strength of the gap between the two sides have narrowed. Of course, this is not a member of the saints in the light of the Heavenly Stems case.
    However, moving to join in JI projects after the war, he had to resist the scorpion did not play a role, coupled with the eggs of a dark water saint Hanyu, has made the division on the battlefield, magic bright side a lot easier.
    The JI move and then another shot, have a dozen dark magic and perish because of his division,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the shift, the two sides of the balance of power has been restored, but the bright side is also a tendency to suppress faint. Hanyu and scorpions are most horrified that Ji kill so many people moving in, his magic does not seem to consumption. Body of a fire king, as the volume of water, fire water dark Saints Hanyu, mind can not help but feel dismay. Did not dare go out alone in pursuit of a scorpion.
    At this point, I heard a sudden loud sound Fengming move him from the ring Ji, glaring golden trees, expansion of another blatant double wings, with the glaring golden flame, the fire loss at Phoenix Ji children moving from right wrist bracelet Suzaku on the sky, its body is not large, but, together with magic fire that extreme yang to show gains and Suzaku identical. Although far less volatility Suzaku magic, but the ultimate moment of the breath of fire rising sun, so Hanyu and scorpions are involuntary stopped.
    Scorpion can not help but said: \Children and moving the fire mind interlinked Ji, Ji moving the right pointing to the fire child has soared into the sky, the sky because its existence and become shiny, bright golden flame in the air into a thick golden light, looking like a golden basin toward the direction of the meteor-like Ji move to do so, of course, makes sense, because, in another piece of the battlefield,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the siege of thorns thunder dragon has eight bright Saints in big trouble.
    Ji kept moving though the fighting here,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but his powerful spiritual force that is enveloped the audience, along with the chaos of the fire and the release of Super nirvana enhanced after the idea, this time he was able to grasp a clear Each point on the battlefield changes. Otherwise he would not appear in the most need the shade, the places. If the cold water as the two rivals, despite their impressive strength, but only five seats wrapped the school of yin and yang, will he freed a great impact on the war situation. On the other side, he also concerned about the other two in the battlefield.
    Winfrey and the final air Terrible duel between Li Yonghao weapons have entered the white-hot level though, but the strength difference between the two sides is too small, one time is also too close to call. However, the other side of the leek \Dry tomorrow but could not carry the saints. For others,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Ji action can not ignore, it is extremely tired of them that come to the practice of harvesting the fruits of victory. However, Yao Qian, after all, the book has helped him, not Yao Qian book, he could not learn the circle of yin and yang fire, or to repay the favor.
    As JI eight light that move to the saints as they come here just to pick up cheap. To be saints, they do not just have the ultimate magic, a scare, but also wise. Although they do not regard themselves as very high end projects, but it does have a certain ability.
    They also have hidden in the side for some time late, and after careful consideration, to discuss only after a selected time hands. Their grasp, and is the Terrible side is impossible to compete with them, because they are shot, it will certainly stir the whole situation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so that both sides have been transformed into a real war confrontation. Light and dark sides as long as the end of World War II

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