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the end of the last few days

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PostWysłany: Pon 11:15, 10 Sty 2011    Temat postu: the end of the last few days

Basaltic back, like a magic teacher of their own horse rider like Warcraft.
    Primary Three really touched a canvassing, just one day, hundreds of us from behind the sixth vote to catch up, victory is at hand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this process is really so excited primary three, and even have become code words more power out. Thank you, we give a strong cohesion Tang Men mini three of these, the end of the last few days, let the group sponsored Tang Men-style assault it. For the sixth month, in order to better terms next month and continue to impact. Monthly demand, recommended votes gratuities. Thank you.
    Two chapters completed.
Chapter refers to the body of two hundred and fiftieth day plan, the chaos of the fire
    Suspended in the water behind the moon and cold situation two days later and basalt totem color, but also with the magic of the two supreme as the strong output are all white. ~ ~ ~ ~ This is a completely aqueous two combo of yin and yang,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the perfect fusion of the true sense. Zhan was a white light, as if to shoot through the world in general, not fast, and even some slow shooting Yin Zhaoyang chest.
    Yin Zhaoyang slightly solemn face, the first time he raised his left hand, palm outward, this time, his color has finally changed hands, can clearly see that the fire department totem C luster Suzaku rally behind him,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], golden sun on the top of the head into a golden crown also being integrated into the palm of your hand. Together the two supreme face of water, the crown was finally won by the light of the best.
    Jin Mengmeng glory to gather in the palm of your hand, when that white light shot from the same time, Yin Zhaoyang left out of a hold, blocking the invasion of that white light. However, in this moment, his body has leapt from around the rich layer of white mist, the whole day on the green grassland, the temperature plunged to the speed of terror. Grass on the ground to radiate into a bitter sting of ice scattered spreading. Obviously, this is the Yin Zhaoyang Yin and Yang can not fully resist full-scale attack aqueous magic of technology integration effect, leading to the magic of putting due.
    Do not Look a simple small white light, although it is the simplest magic attacks, but If you want to measure skills, then this is completely beyond the Intermediate existence of super-nirvana, into the realm of advanced ultra-nirvana .
    However, Yin Zhaoyang blocked after all, his feet remained stable standing there, his face had not a cent of change the look of his left hand, like a solid side shields, blocked in the chest.
    Air, fire dragon king has stopped and the child's affectionate, with a bit worried eyes toward the battlefield, focused look. At this moment, no one can interfere in the battle being. If the one who tried to intervene, interfere with the fight, then, in the air-traction under the punch will immediately motivate the war against the strong in all three supreme focus in the past. Which no one can not bear. Even if it is a long letter the couple together Ji is not OK. Therefore, they can only look, wait, wait for the appearance of the final outcome of this battle.
    Whether magic or magic skills Association The Association of people who feel that Yin Zhaoyang seems to play big. He really powerful, one to one situation, I am afraid there is no one supreme, and his strong will to compete, but he faced at this time, after all, yin and yang combination of strong aqueous Extreme ah! He even arrogant to others the magic of the perfect completion of the double integration of the water, forming the strongest attacks.
    If you lose this battle Yin Zhaoyang, and even death, it would be entirely a result of his arrogance. Look spillover of strong cold, who can be seen, Yin Zhaoyang magic though strong, but not enough to double the water with the yin and yang combo to compete. If there is no miracle, failure is only a matter of time.
    What is the strength,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the real strength is the multi-element composition of the country, not just confined to magic. It is exactly because of this, the moon and cold water situation has been accounted for in the clear upper hand in the case but still daring to relax, they know that if Yin Zhaoyang cent of respite, the battle will change the outcome may . ~ ~ ~ ~ Especially when they see Yin Zhaoyang that never seems to change the look, the magic of the output can not help a bit more compact. Human potential is unlimited,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in the huge pressure, the potential is often more easily aroused. There is no doubt, Yin Zhaoyang bring pressure on them is enormous, even frightening. At this moment, whether the moon or the cold water situation, have felt the magic of unprecedented among the rapport and into apricot, level has been infinitely close to perfect.
    May be so, Yin Zhaoyang standing there is still steady and let the external environment by the ultimate impact of dual water magic, but his own is so quiet but still

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