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climb on the bed looking at the sea

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[She namely a nurse, has been elderly. ]
[Do you ... ...]
Wang Shen Yin Enron incline a stare,Christian Louboutin, ascend over the bid to open his hand, [the grassroots do no comprehend everything, and so we must believe fund managers. ]
Wang Shen Po blushing did no speak.
Door was gently Qiaoleliangxia, pushed, Zhou Mingyi came.
Others were premier period I saw 1 of the legendary city.
Zhou Mingyi deep silver-gray suit and wearing a luxury, a hands in trouser pockets, his face like daylight laugh, handsome face, high diagram, giving a god-like emotion comes, quite handsome and generous, tranquility attitude.
[Enron, what do you ascertain me? ] Very agreeable tone.
Wu Yin Enron a gas give entire out to do.
Son sent a few girls like Brother star met screeched, and sent not rush over.
Zhou Mingyi do not complain, cool to sit down in front, [do you wish to understand the afterward 3 months the Fund trend?]
Yin Enron blush,Christian Louboutin, [namely. ]
Zhou Mingyi downcast eyes, long eyelashes flash, then smiled and said: [My personal suggestion is creature held, not to sell, if you absence to hear to a detailed inquiry, will probably take some time, and immediately I have here the analysis of the present mart position report will aid you comprehend the various funds to,Christian Louboutin, do I need for you to take a terse specification of it? ]
Enron had to activity down Yin game, [namely,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], No, I'm busy. I know. ]
They hear to dialogue,Christian Louboutin, others must fall down his chin.
Yin Zhou Mingyi staring Enron, [additional answers? ]
[No,Christian Louboutin, no, I do not want to take you much time. ]
Zhou Mingyi smile ashore his face deeper, his eyes not to see instantly by Enron Yin, [Enron, tea agreeable? ]
[Good. ]
Zhou Mingyi stood up, looked at Lisheng Ping and Wang Xiaofen, [two of my colleagues it was Enron. ]
Li Shengping nodded, Zhou Mingyi Wang Xiaofen in the eyes, the migrate tin not move, and truly not have dreamed that the city tin finance the fashionable darlings of web value billions of dollars such a legendary diagram in close contact.
This is different from the pop stars of social elite, Zhou Mingyi is to promote social progress and development of leaders.
[Enron likewise asked the two lots of concern. ] Red all nod,Christian Louboutin, [I still do not attach you out. ]
Zhou Mingyi suddenly and without warning came around the coffee chart, hand, knead about Enron Yin dark cilia, his face is a preference smile, then turned and strolled away.
Yin Enron touched his pate, suddenly have a mighty feeling, Zhou Mingyi is to him as a sibling in adore with that, his movements talk favor a huge sibling like that.
Yin Enron suddenly felt my heart feel a kind of sweet.
[Wow, he ... ...] Wang Shen slope that I could not come.
Yin Enron stood up, [we go. ]
Sleepwalking to meet the same end.
Standing in the sun, and looked up at the big signs million Kai Yin Enron was very jealous of my heart, Zhou Mingyi for successful, was all adore, as a man,Christian Louboutin, so elated.
Entangled in a public crush prop Enron Yin,Christian Louboutin, [introduce him to us understand, OKAY? ]
Yin Enron flatly refused, [not. ]
[Why? Please, acquaint us, can you bring an end to ... to play approximately. ]
[He is very engaged, and he just make the appoint of the bank executives Jinling women. ] Thought of the day to hear, speak Yin Enron circumstance, hinting that women Zhou Mingyi If you speak, I do not know how many, he was not such a small Denver women.
Head held tall, with Lisheng Ming Yin and Wang Xiaofen left Enron, leaving the others beneath the sun Dai Li.
[Said that in the end is how is it? ] In the tea chamber, Lisheng Ping Yin Le Enron's neck was inquired, [you gave me make it remove, alternatively not miss you. ]
[Bitterly ache friends. ] Yin Enron skirmish.
[Fast that you,Christian Louboutin, alternatively I was anxious to death. ] Wang Xiaofen asked.
[Him, he is the son of my mama remarried object. ] Yin Enron expiration finish.
Lisheng Ping Yin Enron to digestion the words, [that Dong Bomu married dad who is Zhou Mingyi. I muse of it, you said, your mother's remarriage, said object has a son. ]
[Yes, that's him, and I did not anticipate was him, truly. ]
[That you became brothers be friends. ] Wang Xiaofen envy.
[Yes. ]
[Wow,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], dug a massive gold mine. ] Li Shengping hurrahed.
[Hush Hush,Christian Louboutin, I do not want anybody to know. ]
[Why? ]
Yin Enron smile, [I'm with him was not anybody blood, my mommy marital his father, Gan said,Christian Louboutin, not really not entangled to go out, my name is his surname Zhou Yin, interfere with every additional. There is nobody to say. ]
[But you watch him extra kind to you. ]
[Family that was respectful, I can not obtain it on Three Colours Red, he would be in life, attitude sapient I do not know many. I,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hum. ]
[How did he know we are your colleagues? ]
[Do not know, I never said, maximum would say he Man, the wind blows, I calculate he looked out of it. ]
[Ill. ]
Yin Li Shengping anchored Enron's neck,Christian Louboutin, [the hereafter you can not offend friends. ]
[Not at all. Yes, you naturally must not let others know. Understand? Absolutely can not say out. ] Yin Enron glued to two colleagues, frowning heart, he sent did not let additional folk swear.
(The emulating entrance from the garden group? Flyingcat? Entry) rest assured that safety friends.
Chapter V
Zhou Mingyi ready to go home, Bo Anna live to look him,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and lightly asked: Mr Yin came today ... ... only about the last chapter, the foreman will understand.
Zhou Mingyi laughed, juvenile Vigor. Look at all battle as him to understand.
After ... ...
Might, Enron is not a child.
Home, Yin safely roam outdoor in the Zhou Mingyi's learn.
How the? Zhou Mingyi back from the front of the calculator.
Today, that, I ... ... Yin Enron distorted fingers, Du Zhuozui lips,Christian Louboutin, frowning heart, I do not know what to say, the strength to say he still can not speak out of their relationship, the results with a large crew of people working afflict others.
Zhou Mingyi laughed, my analysis of your help?
Yin Enron glimpsed at him, feeding.
Zhou Mingyi waved his hand, do not mind, free to nectar tea, p.m. tea,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], our company very well known.
You, you are not vexed?
Why should I be angry.
I wake you up, your time as invaluable.
Zhou Mingyi looked up and smiled, I remember I said I did not do the job in season and fees.
More dissatisfaction with Enron Yin, hey, I'm with you Seriously, I'm regret.
Zhou Mingyi think about it, to help me a cup of water.
Yin Enron Pengshang glass.
Zhou Mingyi took it, and hand rubbed Yin Enron look like the touch of silk black hair, late in the nightfall,Christian Louboutin, to recess.
Yin Enron calm down, nodded,Christian Louboutin, and well-behaved cat's away.
Looking at the back of Enron Yin, Zhou Mingyi eyes flash of sparks.
Weekend,Christian Louboutin, Yin Enron ganchang, publicity photographs because the somebody endorsement,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and a large number of peer-packed attach, the scene is very loud, quarreling, he had a headache, very want to go to their homes now thatyou can watch the sea floor width windows.
Taking photographs, then back to the company production, helped to see patterns, to be subject, and other end of the go is already half the p.m..
Dragged his exhausted body, Yin safely back to sea garden.
A door, Yin Enron sensed met a group of men in the learn,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], cerebral Zhou Mingyi really mighty,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not thrifty even the weekend, a parcel of wheel-like men met to argue with him.
Back? Zhou Mingyi hear the sound, people are not now, silent shriek it.
Yin Enron ought be heard, kas long asthey are to do solemn things, afraid to agitate. Own chamber to rest, ascend on the bed looking at the sea, I do not know how cheerful, peppery mood gradually tranquility down.
Meeting of people who have a conference, that there is no sound.
Yin Enron employer would not help thinking Weekly,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the city is portrayed at a large meeting apartment two door was closed, regardless of the rain outdoor the hurricane, tsunami, landslides, will be sure to finish the.
Sky rotate black hours, study the people out.
Yin Enron was conscious out, help them to arrange food and drink.
A group of people has moved to the living room. This time is the all-male, no women.
Zhou Mingyi to do simple

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