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but abruptly shortened by one meter

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PostWysłany: Pon 11:26, 10 Sty 2011    Temat postu: but abruptly shortened by one meter

Is jumping into the sky, Zhizhuang flame Jun III. Chen Longao hands Dragonlance that day, almost made him strong luster and jadeite in the hands of the Dragonlance Lizard Dragon King, and have become instantaneous mid-transparent emerald-like color, a shadow dragon in the background solidification, strangely, did that dragon totem Chen Longao directly into the body above the dynamic feel that Ji is not a magic face of division, but the real animal a wooden dragon.
    All the light in the air moments condensed into one point, a strong momentum with Demon Bound, Ji moving wings behind locked even temporarily lost the ability to fly for the second rally point, the glaucoma with distant Dragons the sound echoed in the air, like a blue lightning turned out normal, then a split moment glaucoma air,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], moving straight to the chest from JI.
    Wood is also a Department of nirvana, but the hands with a micro-Chen and Lu Kaer with the fact the two concepts. Even with the extreme dynamic magic Ji, Chen Longao was this moment of terror by a burst of magic and fierce momentum completely overwhelmed. No other way, he can do is Yingdang.
    \Crisp ...
    The Fengming rings, bracelets of fire children darting out from Suzaku, the body into the ultimate magic moment yang fire, with the link between the soul, and Ji dynamic integration.
    That is the nirvana of Fung Mo sun king cone.
    Green Dragon God of War extinction extinction thorn Fung Mo sun king met the flame cone, the big picture of what?
    Through the same single point of attack, all magic in the same pool in the outbreak. Ji moving it into a disadvantage of flame king three nirvana, but ran into trouble at this time.
    A Wood Demon oppression, greatly weakened Ji move elements from the air,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the ability to absorb the magic.
    But also to his inevitable. Opponents are ready for, and he was rushed to fight. And who Chan Longao the burst of momentum,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it is not inferior to Akin. It is not known how many actual combat experience to have. Ji is the initial move, but now only glimpse Path. The magic gap between the two sides will be enormous, it will not move the Triple Crown as it was when Ji and Ji Yi Feng five crown gap. Difference between the crown and the crown three twenty five, six and eight crown crown is also a difference of twenty.
    The same is twenty, but completely different magic. The higher the level, each level needs to enhance the magic of the greater. Chen Longao eight crown level, the overall magic of JI is almost three times the action to work. Dual-fire even by the ultimate impact on the property, moving there Jun Ji Sun Moon double fire magic armor gloves yin and yang, five elements increase the circle. The magic of the two sides still have a gap-like gap.
    Head-on at the expense of the weaker party is always magic. This is beyond doubt.
    Gold and blue, in the air condensed into one point, the next moment, broke out late into instant, the air seems to remember the words of the chants of extinction. Now, legions of knights extinction cry in unison, so that momentum is more by Chen Longao.
    The fastest possible update in the hao123.se novel
Yin and yang, the first episode of Chapter two hundred and twentieth magician full control of the six snakes
    Knights of the Legion even extinction, have also not seen for a long time to guide them personally shot. This air of the war, so that everyone is looking blinking.
    Gold broken into countless points of light scattered in the air, swirling, glaucoma quiescence, emerged in ontology, Fengrui are precisely the tools and try to seven meters Dragonlance. But, now that the length of Dragonlance, but abruptly shortened by one meter,They really just look so much older it, it actually melted the tip of the second Chen Longao firmly sitting in the emerald dragon lizard back to his body armor and the soil to Lizard Jade Dragon King body is enveloped with a layer of workers Jin Mengmeng luster,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the next moment, it was originally released outside of the Demon sudden convergence, an enormous boom in the glory that Jin Mengmeng before the sun like a cone, like break, be forced extract in vitro.
    And Chen Longao compared Kyi will move more awkward, his body has been Zhenfei being at high altitude, flip a few weeks barely stabilized the body, either by his extreme Chen Longao fire restrictions can not be pursued, this Time is a great crisis.
    A wood properties, of course not enough to hurt him, it is impossible to invade the ultimate double fire inside. However, Chen Longao that point rally in the magic of terror, even the sun abruptly burst cone, Ji moving the right hand, at this time uncontrolled trembling, Fung Mo snakes, if not he has changed, then the best The outcome will be the right arm was completely abolished, while sustaining heavy losses.
    Magic completely suppressed in the case of the other party,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], name the price is right move temporarily

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