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Jiaoji Sheng no problem. In fact

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Pakistan with the beauteous eyes,Red sole shoes, and cough a few times,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], coughing eye rims are ruddy. Hao doll in his hand a small hand, given a tiny heart, fair favor the pupil of the eye with a couple of youthful babe looked by Hao.
Small son, Murong son but had what ailment? Fixed discern Hao Lei hundred doll with small, talk quite tranquility, not assist apt inquire him.
Hao million newborn moving in the identification Chulei been analytic while, in order to cover his tracks, not directly to the state of Regulus were admitted to go, yet ran always the access to Nanyang, and from there to Dengzhou to all states. Dongting Hill in the southwest direction, Nanyang in the northeast way,CL shoes, moving from Nanyang to bomb here, per the line, ought be to return to Dongting.
Dongting back from here,Red sole shoes, namely bound to bring ... to an end like sun, and all states are different road, but just in collateral, are both the same intention. Undercurrent is currently back clutch the throne, with Liu Canmeng intervene, is anticipated to tug two alternatively three days. Their staff via the Dongting Hill whereabouts of two alternatively three days to cover, so they regain lost Regulus, while their own efforts to pathway, based on distance can be about like sun, when from like Yang Fu Zhai pass back to either states, extra presumable to avert whereabouts.
These motifs in his mind there was only a corner regardless,Red sole shoes, the moment a look of mine looked by a hundred moving Huangji: My uncle halfway suddenly spewing blood, but fortunately met the doctor, his uncle said, yes, yes obsessions, in the infuriating ... ... He appeared all right ahead that infuriating, uncle can no speak of.
Put off comments are invariable with the degree of year-old baby would mention. Love mine dust per movement against the mere mention of Murong said: son could even obsessed, really teach human to calculate. The physician may have to prescribe?
Murong still cough. Ho infant, said: There are ah ah, there are open ah.
Love said Murong begin probe into dust sleeve sack,Red sole shoes, as if arrested in the palm out of his bottle and handed Ray a small percent move. Ray took over a hundred moving back to the base of the flask upside down to look, the doctor will routinely quit a pharmacy in the bottom of the bottle Jin-record 8 folk and this bottle bottom red Tokgo four symbols from the dust, so that mine behavior was virtually like a hundred throw away the bottle, his face rigid rigid and carefully returned the bottle Hao.
Turned to the son of pharmacists attending the sick adults, then it's correct the. I do not know where to go immediately son?
Hao looked up Murong adore baby dust,Christian Louboutin Sandals, and see at mine a hundred move, sweet smile: We're going to Jingmen.
Jingmen in Hubei Province in chief, west of the Three Gorges, South Wang Xiaoxiang, and Dongting though three or 4 hundred miles away,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but to Hubei, Henan, are basically taking the same path.
Sure enough, a hundred moving mine moving said: Hey, that just go the same way with us. Murong son, you do not mind, may be willing to go with us a road, the road attach to each other, Ye Hao there?
Ray has always been Jigonghaoyi per move, hearty charity, see Murong set ambition not depart antagonism the harm, Hao baby know he is the disposition, agreeable equipment was sold at a large consume of expiration and tender, then any goal, except the last step.
He held the hand of Murong adore hard rock dust Road: Big uncle is really good, uncle, two of us are too boring to go with him to go according with the road there is a nice or bad?
They said a long period, then did not understand the whole dust Murong love,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], only the last sentence is good Hao Wa understood. Habit these days,Red sole shoes, so he nodded without hesitation, merry laugh.
Uncle coincided, large.
Hao baby cheering, clapping ambition to make the averaging of the statement of joy, in the end muse it Zhuangnen is almost more than they can bear the boundaries Zaiban is totally unacceptable, Jiaoji Sheng no problem. In fact, other folk look cute act everything but action will make people feel innocent, but he himself does not consciously Bale.
At least a hundred Ray did not see what action would be entirely erroneous, that this child is natty and beautiful, really quite happy, not help efforts to squeeze a low voice she feels a agreeable look and asked: small son, My name is Ray, you cry me Ray like his uncle. Murong son is your uncle it? What is your label?
I am, I'm Murong ho. Ye Hao, then the appoint secondhand in the Dongting Lake Villa, and then compel people suspicious, and the mine action about a hundred that he is pro-nephew Murong love dust, then jump down Murong Regardless of the name of a use. Article go Lei moving scared to inquire, Hao Murong love baby dust holding hands, one infuriating against the clock and aboard the straight pharynx, clutching his breast could not help Murong love huge dust cough as a while.
Ah,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], uncle, are you OK? Hao baby screamed, poured from the bottle out candies.
In fact, this is the way the bottle insisted Murong love to buy beer dust pellet, but fortunately all of the pharmacists are quite panic, mine did not move to open a hundred prescription is to see how variety, or sugar,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sticky hands naturally revealed the mystery, then each the distance, he poured out not afraid to see flaws.
Dust met Murong love candy, took joy in her jaws. Hao baby away internal forces,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he not longer coughing, look in the eyes of others, but too a pharmacist impressive effect for a God anecdote.
Hao baby smooth jaws, a look of concern: dislike, the doctor said that his uncle's illness is now not more hair, why is the climate so peppery climate will be so huge. God I hate.
Lovely to see him all right, all laughed. Ray pondered the next move a hundred, said: Since the cilia Murong son can not, if the vehicle is never too easy, not as good as a repose on the practice these days?
One said these words,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], all laughter stops, it was hesitant and said: Boss?
Ray hundred moving a wave: how people Murong son, who would idea us extraordinary things, do not teach son laugh.
Murong son smiled, skin deep end may be Sin Yat if, suddenly humiliated of everyone, either rich feel that they bear a mutual language absolutely, have looked down.
Hao Wa know machine speak: his uncle is, thank you Leida Shu kindness, good disease will personally thank Leida Shu's.
Ray laughed a hundred action: a little small insignificant. Jiuhuashan Dongting Hill and Valley has all been friendly with no nightmares, Murong son but also for one of four no martial arts can serve as a son is Leimou Rong Xing. Finished, annotate all the automobile cleared a space to systematize, not wash out their ride on the ho baby come presently, this Murong love your baby sit in dust and Hao.
Interior space is much larger than anticipated, piled on the turn of some boxes and long boxes.
See Murong love mine dust a hundred eyes move to the other side sweep,Red sole shoes, smiled and said: those are the orders of Bong suzerain hundred infantry to the ravine of steel to create the weapons, although the texture is better than weapons, in the end reward hard along Murong Ya son, do not show ego out.
Murong son is still unable to speak, with a laugh, baby in hand by Hao said: Uncle, you help 1. So nice to sit in the turn was taken.
Ray hundred moving to see them settle down, there is no absence to ask them, they mail people to send water and dry edible, then they let them recess in the motorcar,Red sole shoes, no longer disturb.
Only two of the cars, ho baby can eventually loosen, do not put a look of innocence and, stretching out hands rubbed his impudence, cover the face in the palm waited a long time,Red sole shoes, and looked up and restore a silence and lucid accustomed eyes.
I let you speak, but you have to not wail, know?
Murong love dust thought for a moment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], nodded, with his hands to his mouth.
Yes,Red sole shoes, that covered her mouth, unable to speak.
Hao Wa encouraging smile, a straight shot to open Murong Yaxue dust, but the hand or virtual hanging, as long as a call to Murong love dust sealed another, acupuncture points are closed too long stagnation of qi and blood to the body is not good, no one He did not ambition to have closure when the dust of the acupuncture points Murong love.
Acupuncture points and release, infuriating the red as the previous finishes, Murong love feel baited to dust, not help Qingke sound, the results of their own voices listened. He was pleasantly wondered with bulging eyes, and speedily hand over his mouth, their eyes were rolling like Autumn Hao baby looked to his face just write the words: I do not speak.
Hao restriction baby hands, gentle smile: OKAY, here can not speak loudly, but out here, still can not mention a word, I will seal your Yaxue.
Love Dust Murong nodded carefully, eyes look around a while, smack lip, Xishengxiqi Road: candy.
Hao baby with a sigh, a little dedication to care for confession that he did that day, clearly one aesthetic meaning of Innocent dandy, and now like this.
Shook the bottle out with the kids Murong reason: You can not eat,Red sole shoes, had to leave more when the drug posters. We eat a good repast is not good

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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